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Before you think of new door installation, it is important to counter check and confirm whether it is only one or two components of the door that are not functioning right. Repairing or replacing a component or two will be way too cheap than replacing the whole door. The cost difference is of course due to the technicality involved and also the purchasing costs. It may be easy for anyone to identify a broken spring because of the noise it makes when it breaks. You may also identify a gap in the spring coil. However, it may be a bit tricky for you to identify the real problem when the motor is the faulty component especially when you have no technical knowhow and experience. Once you suspect an issue with the motor, it is always advisable to call a skilled and experienced technician to confirm the exact problem and provide a viable solution to the problem. At Bay Terrace garage door repair NY we have qualified and experienced technicians who have the capacity to handle any type of motor in question the technicians will test the motor and repair it if possible. If the motor is extremely damaged, the technician will replace the motor with a new one. New motor installation is a sensitive and technical task which only should be done by qualified and certified technicians. We have a discount for every garage door accessory you purchase from us or through us.

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